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  • New Jersey Homes for Sale - NJ Real Estate- NJ.com
    Browse New Jersey real estate listings, or view NJ cities or counties. Refine your search by price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other features. Find a New Jersey real estate agent or broker to help you make your next real estate move.

  • New Jersey Real Estate: Find NJ Homes for Sale.
    Use the map to search our extensive database of New Jersey real estate listings by county or city. Search for NJ homes, townhouses, apartments or commercial real estate for sale. Connect with a Weichert Realtor who can help you with your NJ real estate needs.

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    Search for homes in New Jersey by most popular real estate markets, by using our state map, or with our alphabetical directory of New Jersey cities. For New Jersey real estate market overview, see our chart of average sale prices and graph of real estate trends on each state page.

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    Search New Jersey real estate listings and homes for sale by location, price, and size at realtor.com®. Access thousands of for sale properties here.

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    NJ open houses. NJ new construction. NJ coming soon. NJ recent home sales. All homes.

  • New Jersey Real Estate:Premier Real Estate Agent
    Marina has been in the real estate business in New Jersey for over 30 years, and even in the face of increasingly vigorous competition among real estate agents, and as difficult as it may seem to achieve, she has remained true to her best quality: dedicated service.

  • New Jersey Real Estate: Homes For Sale in New Jersey
    NJ Estates Real Estate Group of Weichert Realtors is comprised of truly Outstanding Real Estate Agents with combined decades of knowledge and experience in North & Central New Jersey Real Estate.

  • New Jersey Real Estate Report Real Estate, Economics, and Politics
    New Jersey taxes estates – cash, real estate, retirement accounts, life insurance benefits and other assets – worth more than $675,000. It is one of 14 states with an estate tax. And it has the nation’s lowest threshold.

  • New Jersey real estate agents, property search sites, and local listings.
    Click to See Current New Jersey Mortgage Loan Rates. New Jersey Realtors All Cities. Featured Agents.

  • Real estate agents with property listings in New Jersey (NJ).
    We hope our listings for New Jersey real estate agents help your real estate search, to find New Jersey property listings, homes for sale, land, commercial real estate and more. Please note that each agent or company is responsible for their own site content and business practices.

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