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  • Models Own Nail Art Pen Wah Nails - Paperblog
    Despite being a beauty blogger I am definitely not a nail art expert but I suspect that might change now that I am the proud owner of the Models Own Nail Art Pen. I bought this pen as part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer and to be honest Im not completely sure why I bought it.

  • ...Models Own Карандаш для арт маникюра Artstix Nail Art Pen...
    Карандаш для дизайна ногтей Artstix от Models Own - Создан при сотрудничестве с лондонским маникюрным салоном WAH - Двойная система нанесения - Заостренный аппликатор позволяет создавать замысловатые художественные дизайны...

  • Review: Models Own Artistix Nail Art Pen + Skittle Nail Art...
    Ive made an order in the recent 50% Models own sale offer and today Id like to review Artistix Nail Art Pen. Ive had few people asking me for comparison of Models own and other nail art pens so thats why I purchased one.

  • Models Own Nail Art Pens - Review - Models Own Nail Art
    Members who trust:2. Models Own Nail Art.

  • ...product reviews » Models Own and WAH nails new nail art pens
    Models Own and have collaborated with WAH nails to create a new collection of nail art pens and to celebrate they invited a few people down to the original WAH nails nair bar in Dalston for cake, cocktails and of course amazing nail art!

  • Models Own Nail Art Pen MissBudgetBeauty
    I think the pen end will be my favoured applicator, the striper is all well and good but there’s a lot more room for error with smudging and the like. Are you into Nail Art? Any great pens you’d recommend?

  • ModelsOwnIt new range!
    launches at london fashion week 19.02.16.

  • Review: Models Own / WAH Pen
    These WAH Nails / Models Own Nail Art Pens were really hyped up before they finally came out. Anyhow I think that this has now finally died down. I ended up buying this black one and a white one when I had a 20% off code a while back, think maybe January. So have fully tried out both of these.

  • One Response to “Get arty with Models Own / WAH Nails nail art pen
    best nail art pens! love models own wah nail art! change my nails with these almost every day. Leave a Reply.

  • Models Own Nail Art Pens in Black and White
    Nail art has always been a skill that has managed to escape me. I cant draw straight lines with a pencil so the likelihood of being able to do it on my nails with polish was very unlikely (if you read this blog regularly you know how messy my nail swatches are)...

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