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  • objective c - How do I create an in-app settings view? - Stack Overflow
    So you have the ability to set defaults in your app AND in the standard Settings.app. Theyre simple enough to add your project and work pretty well. If you only want the settings to be in the app, then your screen shot simply shows a standard UINavigationController with UITableViews.

  • objective c - How can i add my app to the Settings...
    You need to add a settings bundle for your app to appear in the settings app. Check this Tutorial.

  • objective c - Call the official *Settings* app from my app on iPhone...
    Bad news: As @Hlung and @jasongregori suggested, for iDevices whose OS version >= iOS 5.1 && < iOS 8.0, there is once again NO official/documented way to call the built-in Settings app from a third-party app.

  • How to open settings from my iPad application (Objective-C)
    Apple no longer allows developers to open the Settings application from within their apps (iOS 5.1 and later). EDIT. According to @Mikes comment below, this can be done in iOS 8+. [

  • objective c - App settings in iPhone Settings - Stack Overflow
    You cannot use custom UIViewControllers in the iOS settings page for your app. When using the Settings.bundle the preferences are stored in NSUserDefaults which does not integrate with the keychain.

  • objective c - App settings bundle - ToggleSwitch - Stack Overflow
    This is because upon first launch your settings in settings bundle are not loaded to NSUserDefaults yet. You have to write a method to set your default values and register them with registerDefaults, and add it into application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions...

  • Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C (Swift 2.1): Swift...
    To import a set of Objective-C files in the same app target as your Swift code, you rely on an

  • iOS Developer Library
    Settings Application Schema Reference.

  • Objective C Ryan Wright Create A Settings Bundle
    Read more about Save Settings To NSUserDefault. Save Application Settings/Settings App(iOS).

  • Запись в app.Config (Properties.Settings) - не хочет ? C#
    запись и чтение в app.config file C# C# Properties.Settings: хранение выбранной информации для двух приложений C# Настройки (Properties.Settings) работают некорректно сохранение dataTable в Properties.Settings.Default C# C# Где хранятся данные из Properties.Settings.

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