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Поисковая система v3.kz поможет ускорить индексацию вашего сайта выводит в Топ
  • Using Twitter REST API v1.1 with PHP and Javascript to create Apps
    Twitter REST API 1.1 to create Twitter Apps using PHP & Javascript. Since twitter has released their new REST API (v1.1), there are some changes which affects quite alot of twitter apps developed based on older API.

  • REST APIs Twitter Developers
    The REST APIs provide programmatic access to read and write Twitter data. Author a new Tweet, read author profile and follower data, and more. The REST API identifies Twitter applications and users using OAuth; responses are available in JSON.

  • Twitter API 1.1 JavaScript only solution
    A solution for the Twitter 1.1 API written in JavaScript. No OAUTH needed. By Jason Mayes 2013.

  • Simplest PHP example for retrieving user_timeline with Twitter API...
    So you want to use the Twitter v1.1 API? Note: the files for these are on GitHub. Version 1.0 will soon be deprecated and unauthorised requests wont be allowed. So, heres a post to help you do just that, along with a PHP class to make your life easier.

  • Show Twitter Feed with PHP and JSON using API 1.1 John B. Hartley
    First note: API 1.1 forces you to give authorization through oAuth meaning you’ll have to set up an app via Twitter Developers. Once you have on set up, you can follow along with the below code. Second note: I slapped this together quickly, so test before using.

  • Using Twitter API 1.1 with Twitterizer for C# Formative Innovations...
    First of all, I’d like to say Twitter’s API documentation (and Facebook’s for that matter,) is rather poor.

  • Using The New Twitter API V1.1
    Using The New Twitter API V1.1. Tweet +1 Like Share.

  • Windows 8 Twitter Sample using twitter API v1.1 пример в C#...
    This sample shows how to retrieve tweets on windows phone 8 from desired user using twitter API v1.1.

  • Twitter Search using the Twitter API v1.1 & PHP The Practice...
    I’ll introduce how to run a Twitter search, customize a query and an advanced technique, search & “auto follow”, using the Twitter API and PHP. Example codes in this post work with the version 1.1 of Twitter API.

  • Twitter API v1.1 Requiring Server Side...Use wi... Adobe Community
    The Twitter API now requires server side code. I was reading and it sounds like without server side the only way to pull a twitter feed will require using twitters embed feature. So I am left with a few questions

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