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  • Zonal Marking Football tactics
    Football tactics and football formations. Tactical analysis using diagrams, graphs, statistics and chalkboards, of the weeks top Premiership, Serie A, La Liga and Champions League matches.

  • Michael Cox (@Zonal_Marking) Твиттер
    108 тыс. твиты • 513 фото\видео • 161 тыс. читатели. "Report from Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona, Arsenal getting done on the counter again https://t.co/PjXpKDkOuB"...

  • Zonal Marking
    Zonal Marking. Отметки «Нравится»: 21 014 · Обсуждают: 42.

  • Zonal Marking
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  • Marking (association football) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In association football, marking is an organized defensive strategy which aims to prevent a member of the opposing team (usually a striker) from taking control of the ball. Several marking strategies exist in football, and they mostly differ to each other according to duties assigned to defenders...

  • The Differences Between Zonal Marking, Man Marking and Mixed...
    Zonal Marking. In this type of defending (see image below), each player is given an area or zone to mark relative to their team mates.

  • Tactical Theory: Zonal Marking / Zonal Coverage...
    Zonal marking was the first way defense was played. The original zonal marking had very little to do with the modern style because it lacked organization.

  • Interview: Michael Cox, Zonal Marking
    The graphs, diagrams and match reports on Zonal Marking are pored over by thousands of football fans the world over and have helped push tactical analysis towards the centre of mainstream football...

  • Arsenal - Zonal Marking
    Zonal Marking - Mon Mar 17 10:39 AM. Arsenal went ahead within two minutes, then sat uncharacteristically deep for the remainder of the game.

  • Zonal Marking Pearltrees
    Gerard Pique didn’t last the first half, and was replaced by Marc Bartra. Diego Simeone also named his expected side, and Atletico also suffered from an injury.

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