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  • php - Remove non-utf8 characters from string - Stack Overflow
    Replacement is whatever was captured into group 1. This effectively removes all invalid bytes. It is possible to repair the string, by encoding the invalid bytes as UTF-8 characters.

  • utf 8 - PHP: How to remove all non printable characters in a string?...
    Something like this should do it. $string = preg_replace(/[\x00-\x1F\x80-\xFF]/, , $string); It matches anything in range 0-31, 128-255 and removes it.

  • php - Remove or Encode Non-UTF-8 Characters - Stack Overflow
    If you have a UTF-8 string that might contain invalid characters, you can use iconv to remove those.

  • linux - How to remove non UTF-8 characters from text file - Stack...
    Malformed UTF-8 character (fatal). Manually checking the content of these files, I found some strange characters in them. Now Im looking for a way to automatically remove these characters from the files.

  • Remove non-UTF8 characters from string with PHP Magp.ie
    Remove non-UTF8 characters from string with PHP. If you have come across the cursed ‘Invalid Character‘ error while using PHP’s XML or JSON parser then you may be interested in this.

  • Remove non-utf8 characters from string - TecHub
    Remove non-utf8 characters from string. 15 Comments 298 Views User.

  • VBScript Remove HTML and non UTF-8 Characters
    However Im running into issues, as the data can contain both HTML - <p style="astyle"> and non UTF-8 Characters. One of the resources that read the XML have asked us to ensure that all HTML is removed and that the remining text is correctly UTF-8 encoded.

  • Strip/Remove non-utf-8 characters from string Oracle Community
    byte[] utf = myString.getBytes("UTF-8"); myString = new String(utf); This is still leaving special characters that browsers cant read like the "question mark inside a diamond" and weird boxes.

  • Remove Non-utf8 Characters From String?
    Im having a problem with removing non-utf8 characters from string, which are not displaying properly. Characters are like this 0x97 0x61 0x6C 0x6F (hex representation). What is the best way to remove them? Regular expression or something else ?

  • How to remove non-UTF8 characters from strings with PHP
    Short post this one – seem to be having some trouble generating an XML feed from a database of over 10,000 listings and remove non-UTF8 characters from the feed. Well, PHP to the rescue.

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