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  • ARTPOP for iOS Review - Free Download Apps for iPhone
    ARTPOP (by Lady Gaga) app for iPhone, iPad and other devices. Get details about the app, including its features, rankings, ratings and reviews from the app store.

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    There is a reason why Lady Gaga is such a popular recording artist, and that is because she is able to stay one step ahead of the game. We once thought of her as a very strange individual who would not have a very long career, but that is just not the case, and a recent app release proves just that.

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    Lady Gaga: ARTPOP Foil Singapore Deluxe & Standard Edition Unboxing/ Review

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    "ARTPOP" is the upcoming third studio album by American recording artist Lady Gaga, and will be released on November 11, 2013, by Interscope Records. Its the follow-up to her 2011 album, "Born This Way".

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    In the background, Lady Gaga is singing about "Sexxx Dreams". Welcome to the ARTPOP app.

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    So, does the Artpop app live up to expectations? The answer is... kind of.

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    On September 5, 2012, Gaga revealed through Little Monsters her plan to release an application for computers and mobile devices such as Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). The application would include the album along with interactive chats, films for every song, extra music, content...

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    Android App.

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