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    Other Applications: VBA Codes Excel Examples Macros. VBA is powerful, it can interact with the other applications like MS Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Internet Explorer, VBScript etc.

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    VBA Code. Selecting. ==Select 3 rows down, 2 columns right

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    This sample script written in Excel VBA demonstrates how to read data from an Excel sheet and submit this information to a website. It calls the macro Wsh-Submit-2-Web.iim. It is included with iMacros trial version. See also: How to enable VBA macros.

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    The VBA example in this download accompanies the technical article "Running VBA Code Whe.

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    Invoking built-in Excel ribbon buttons from VBA. If, for example, you would like to display the Format Cells Font dialog window from VBA, this is easily achieved using the ExecuteMso method: VBA code sample.

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