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  • MsiPackage Element Name
    MsiPackage Element. Description. Describes a single msi package to install.

  • wix3.7 - WiX Bundle with dynamic MsiPackage names - Stack Overflow
    If the msi files are built with WiX Setup projects, the WiX Bootstrapper project can reference them, thereby creating useful WiX variables that are defined as the paths to the msi files. See my answer here, as well as the list of variables here.

  • wix-users - MsiPackage InstallCondition
    Ive got two msi packages in a wix bundle. I want to install one on x86 platform and the other in case

  • wix-users - Chaining 2 msis
    I have the two msis finished, and one must be completed before the other. Thank you in advance for any help, Dan.

  • Bootstrapping
    Note that this is a separate WiX project: you author your own MSIs exactly as before.

  • WiX toolset / Mailing Lists
    [WiX-devs] Bootstrapper not show installed prerequisites (LocalDB) MSI in Program and Features. From: Mrugesh Patel <mrugesh.patel@ta...>

  • Spinner Software - ...an MSI installation package from XML using WiX
    How to create Windows Installer setup packages using XML source code and the WiX open source project.

  • Зависимая установка пакетов в WiX Bootstrapper, как сделать?
    Делаю установщик из нескольких пакетов в WiX. Идея такова: в Chain запускается первый пакет, в нём выбираются

  • Pass properties to MSI packages from burn
    To pass MSI Properties to MsiPackages defined in WiX burn, add a node to your MsiPackage.

  • Extracting WiX Bundled MSI Files Without Running The Installer
    Since we’ll basically be using MSI/WiX to “install” these files, and they require a Session to run, we need to create our own session object.

  • Информация взята v3.kz