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  • Online Music Dictionary of Musical Terms
    A music dictionary of definitions and explanations of a variety of common musical terms that may be encountered online, in scores, music reviews, program notes, etc.

  • OnMusic Dictionary
    a due. For two voices or instruments ; a duet. Also used to indicate that two instruments playing from the same part or score are to play in unison, after divisi or a solo passage for one of the instruments .

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    Welcome to Music-Dictionary.org Your Online Jukebox of Music Dictionaries As any music lover knows, there is more to the sound of music than meets the eyes (or the ears!).

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    Introduction. Music Categories. Musical Instruments.

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    A Welcome to Our Readers Music Dictionary Online is part of our award-winning Music Theory and History resource.

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    Welcome to the Music Dictionary. To browse for definitions of musical terms, use the links below.

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    music meaning, definition, what is music: a pattern of sounds made by musical instruments, voices, or computers, or a combination….

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    Music Dictionary. In the following pages you will find definitions for musical terms and descriptions of musical instruments.

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