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  • Table Tops - IKEA Catalog
    Visit us for a range of well-designed, great value table tops. Choose from lots of designs and match to a set of legs or trestles for a customized desk.

  • Bar Table and Desk - Using IKEA Table Tops (VIKA AMON)
    I recently purchased two table tops from IKEA, the VIKA AMON series, in high gloss white. I decided that I was going to make the bases for them using pine that I purchased from Home Depot. The majority of the joinery will be pocket holes, using a pocket hole jig. Level of Difficulty.

  • Vika Amon Table top: Remodelista
    Vika Amon Table top. Create a table with a personal touch; legs, trestles and storage are available in different designs. Pre-drilled leg holes for easy assembly.

  • Vika Amon Archives - IKEA Hackers Archive - IKEA Hackers
    Materials: 3x Vika Amon tabletops 1x Galant table legs (only the table legs not the tabletop), 1x Chipboard (it should.

  • Vika Amon Ikea Table Top - 3D Warehouse
    Author: Ham_o_rhyme, Category: 3D Model, Description: Ikea Table Top with adjustable legs. Cost around $20.

  • vika amon table top - Home Decor Hacks, Projects & DIY
    First we picked up 2 of the Vika Amon tabletops. It’s a nice pine wood (it smells awesome too) with some knots and character

  • IKEA Vika Amon/ Vika Lerberg - Polyvore
    Create a table with a personal touch; table tops are available in various sizes and designs. IKEA of Sweden 3 Packages Table top: Renewable material (wood). The material in this product MAY BE recyclable.

  • Materials: 2 – 39″ Vika Amon table tops (black-brown) 1 – 74″ Lack...
    2) Attach each VIKA AMON table top to the next using flat hinges. Use the wall as support, so the end of the table tops align perfectly (will be the top of the headboard). 3) Create a frame of the battens and mount it to the VIKA AMON table tops using bracketing hinges.

    IKEA VIKA AMON table top with legs selling for half the price compared to new.

  • Ikea Vika Amon Table Top - Cottage - dining room
    White and yellow bar vignette with glossy yellow Ikea Vika Amon Table Top, Ikea Angenam Vase and round white lacquer tray.

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